Maximising Space Whilst Adding Value

As you may already be aware, your property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, all the more reason when thinking of  making any improvements it is important that you get it done right!  At City BluePrint we can design and manage the entire planning process from conception to completion. Our expertise can help you to maximise the potential in your property achieving  the required space as well as adding value.


Planning process


Stage 1

Consultation process

The first stage of the planning process  always starts off with an initial consultation. This is free of charge.  The initial meeting  is an interactive experience which gives us and our clients the opportunity to discus ideas to establish whether their proposals are feasible, based on the budget and relevant time scales.


Stage 2

Measured survey

The second stage of the process requires us to carry out a full and detailed measured survey of the property both internally and externally.  This stage is crucial to enable accurate plans being drawn up.


Stage 3

Design stage

Plans and elevation will be drawn up at this stage and will be sent to our client for comments and approval.


Stage 4

Planning application

We will fully prepare and lodge the planning application.  At times, it might be necessary to negotiate with Planning Officers to address any objections they might have.   At City BluePrint we have qualified and experienced Planning Consultants who are able to address these concerns.


Once planning permission has been granted the next stage will be to seek building regulation approval.

Fee For Planning Application Services

Our fees displayed below are fixed fees and include the initial meeting, carrying out a measured survey, preparing drawings for your approval and lodging planning applications with your Local Authority.

Single Storey Extension                 £450

Double Storey Extension               £750

Multiple Extensions                       £1275

Loft Conversions                            £500

Flat Conversions                            £350 (Per Flat)

Garage Conversions                       £450


Please note that the above fees do not include the Local Authority planning application fees. This currently £172.00.


The above fees also excludes the OS map which is required with every planning application. The fee for OS map is £45.00


We will include the following in each planning application package:

  1. Ordinance Survey  Map
  2. Site Plan
  3. Existing & Proposed Plans
  4. Existing & Proposed Elevations
  5. Planning & Access Statement
  6. 1 x 3D views of the exterior
  7. Estimation  quotation of  the proposal

Other Services We Offer