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Building Regulations  are a necessity to insure that works being done to your property are carried out to a minimum standard set out by your Local Authority.  An application for Building Regulation can be achieved in two ways by submitting a full plan application to your Local Authority or by submitting a Building Notice.


  • Full Plan Application: this will involve submissions of detailed drawings and specifications to your Local Authority for their approval prior to work commencing on site. This is the most popular method as the detailed plans can be used to gain an accurate fixed quotation from you chosen builder.



  • A Building Notice: is a method that allows you to commence work on site within two days of submission. A Building Inspector will visit the site at various stages of the build to ensure compliance standards are being met.


Please note that not all work will require Building Regulations approval, this will be based on the type and size of the proposal. If you are uncertain about whether you require Building Regulations approval then contact us for further clarification.

Fee For Building Regulations Services

Our fees displayed below are fixed fees and includes, preparation of all building regulation drawings, preparation of construction specifications and lodging Building Regulations applications to your Local  Authority.

Single Storey Extension                 £450

Two Storey Extension                    £750

Multiple Extensions                       £1275

Loft Conversions                            £500

Flat Conversions                            £350 (Per Flat)

Garage Conversions                       £450


Please note that the above fees do not include Building Control application fees. this fee usually varies based on the size of the project


The above fee also excludes the other consultants fees. for example, you may require the services of a structural engineer if you are planning to remove any load bearing walls.  As part of our service we will advise you on which consultants are  required for your specific project.


Included in each Building Regulation package:

  1. Detailed floor plans
  2. Detailed elevations
  3. Services Plans
  4. Construction details
  5. Specification notes


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